Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have a life (sort of)

So, I know, I'm not so good at the regular blogging thing. I wake up every morning at 5am and am struck with multiple brilliant ideas for blogs on my way to work. (The sun is still not up at this point.)

The drive home from work is another story...hmmm... "Dinner ideas? Do we have any more bread for lunches or do I need to stop at the store? Oh yeah, Jeff needed me to get an oil change...darn it, we need to get our tire checked to see if it has ANOTHER nail in it" (I now know all of the managers at Discount Tire at Dublin and Academy because we've been living there for 2 months: Jeff, Michael and Jason. I'm thinking of inviting them over for dinner some evening.)

By the time 8 o'clock rolls around, I'm exhausted and laying on the couch, not wanting to even glance at the computer. (I admit I do check my facebook page when I first get home but that is generally mindless.)

I'm also aware that I have now become one of the least cultured persons in America. With intentions to read "Girls Gone Mild" by Wendy Shalit, plans to work on a couple of book ideas, and grand schemes to visit art museums on the weekends, I have resorted to watching TV. I have a favorite show each night of the week:

Monday - One Tree Hill
Tuesday - Fringe (hard to give up Scrubs but this one wins)
Wednesday - Lost
Thursday - The Office & 30 Rock
Friday - Supernanny

Pathetic, I know. Please don't hold it against me. I'm hoping that this is just a season!

With all of this said, I do have one regular hobby: new pilgrim press. (I know you're all sighing with relief that I'm not a total loser!) We meet at my house every Wednesday night for meetings. (Yes, this means I must watch Lost on the internet now). The work we are doing on npp is my passion, encompassing so many of the things I love and long to spend my life doing. If you have a chance, please check out our Web site: http://www.newpilgrimpress.com/go/.

Someday, I will spend time telling you about the history of npp and how I got connected. For now, feel relieved that I actually wrote on this page and join the almost 200 subscribers to new pilgrim press!