Friday, September 23, 2011

Worship: A Reflection

"The beauty of the King, clothed in majesty." -How Great is Our God

Have you ever experienced a worship time that was so beautiful it made you cry?

At the end, you felt undone by the Holy Spirit. And you were ready to go out and serve.

It wasn't because of a formula or a ritual. It was because of what God did, in and through His people when they were together.

We came (ran?) back week after week to get another glimpse of the beauty in the brokenness. His beauty. Our brokenness. Given to Him.

Through the Word. The prayers. The Table. The Peace. The sending.

We were changed.

"I had glimpsed Jesus and there really was no going back." - Kristin Ritzau, A Beautiful Mess

(posting taken from my art journal, 9/11/11)

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