Friday, March 30, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce...Heather

You know how there’s an acknowledgement section in the front of most books?

I think often of the people in my life who help shape not only the writing on this blog, but my life. They listen to my rants, pray regularly for me (they know I need it after my rants), and speak truth where I need to hear it. They call me, write me, text me, and remain an ongoing source of support and encouragement. I am so grateful for their life-giving presence in my days and weeks.

I’ve mentioned a few friends off and on in my blog. But I wanted to give you a chance to hear from them too. Not just know their name but experience who they are.

And so, allow me to introduce my first guest, Heather Eure.

Heather and I met while I was working on a curriculum called Rio. (Actually, I’m still working on it, but that’s a saga for another day…). Heather and I struck up a friendship in no time at the first event our company held for some partner churches. She was assigned to my group and a good amount of the creativity in my lessons is attributed to her input. Let me add two words: relay races.

Heather and I talked a lot at the original partner gathering, and we really haven’t shut up since, either of us. She is a woman of depth, strength, and wisdom. She is also one of the wittiest people I know.

Heather lives in Hertford, North Carolina, with her husband David and their three sons: Seth, Liam, and Hayden.

The world needs more of Heather’s voice, and so I’m happy to share it with you. I know it will make you smile.

My Three Sons
by Heather Eure

My boys, count three of 'em, are feral.

The weather here in North Carolina has been unseasonably warm. So that means we needed to get outside and do some yard work. As a family. Sounds ideal, right? No. No, it isn't. Not ever. 

No sooner are the tasks given, the mood shifts. They need to create "The Rumble in the Backyard Jungle." In order to do yard work, my delightful children must brawl it out first.

The oldest son (Seth) decides to spray middle son's (Liam) shoes with a water hose. No one touches or disrespects Liam's shoes. With the reflexes of a ninja, Liam throws his shoe with great force and accuracy, straight for the well-groomed head of Seth. KA-THUD!! Right on his gourd. Surprised, I blurt out: "Who throws a shoe when they're mad, honestly?!?" Seth, rubs his noggin and replies, "It's commonplace in some middle eastern countries. It's actually a high insult." 

Seth then commences to chase his brother around the house, hitting him with his favorite redneck hat, and then Liam grabs it, and throws it on top of the house. I'm yelling, "What is wrong with you two?!? Every single time I ask you guys to do something..." The youngest (Hayden), who has been observing and taking mental notes the whole time quips, "And that is an even higher insult. Get it, Mom? His hat is on the roof."

So now, with enough time spent stalking his prey, Hayden makes his move and runs into both his brothers, knocking them flat. Just because he could.  I'm hollering at Hayden to stop using pro-wrestling moves, the other two screech and squawk at being victims of The Flying Burrito. 

That's when I begin to notice my neighbors. Next door, across the street, down the street...are all looking our way, talking and pointing. I'm pretty sure I saw words mouthed such as, "savages," "unfit mother," "Malcolm in the Middle episode," and "hot dog" (I think that guy was just hungry).

Sure, I wanted to explain to each and every neighbor how my boys possess love, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, and surely, if they knew them they'd see joy, gentleness, patience, and self-control at some point during the week. month.

But does it really matter what they think of this trio of now laughing, feral boys? Not really. Because I know who they are, and what's in their hearts. And God knows them more intimately than I do. Although, they will have to hear it from me later that evening, and boy, oh boy...will they be sorry, I know that God is the one who will nudge and correct my boys in a much more effective way. And He does.

After a little while the boys apologized for any harm they may have caused each other, and worked together to get Seth's hat off the roof, and towel dried Liam's shoes. They also finished the yard work. Together.

Basically. Without fighting. Much.

"If we only have the will to walk, then God is pleased with our stumbles." -C.S. Lewis

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