Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thin Air Thanksgivings

Sometimes you wonder if your prayers go unheard.

Then, one day, almost overnight, God moves. In His own way. Not yours.

And you are, as they say on Twitter, #overwhelmed.

My life looks nothing like what I imagined between the repetitive whispers of my deepest desires. But I’m taking the changes and the answers as they come.

I’m packing boxes. Moving home in a few weeks.

I’m editing, editing, editing. (My favorite way of pretending I have control.)

I’m writing. But you won’t see any of those words here. Those words are for teachers and students and classrooms and churches.

I’m hugging. My family. My friends. A few goodbyes but mostly a “welcome home.” And their arms are like the arms of Jesus.

My soul seems to be breathing again. Who knew thin air was so good for one’s heart?


Sallie said...


Sandi said...

Yes, yes. Welcome Home!!

Kristyn said...

i love this, Becca. you're an excellent writer. Mom says so, too, of course and she loved this one. i need to keep up with your blog.

happy to hear you're moving back. "repetitive whispers of my deepest desires." is that how it went? that's AWESOME writing. loved that.

and i really want to hang out this time--for real. i think we have lots of creativity to bounce off of each other. and maybe God has writing for us to do together. . .