Monday, March 30, 2009


A heart on my sleeve, tears on my face.
Not wanting to waste my pain.
Endless days of trying, hoping, waiting,
And yet I'm here. Still here.

Why do I wait so long to let go?
Life is moving but it's slow.
Gone in circles, carousels, coasters rolling,
And I'm still at the start.

Broken and tested, bruised and tired.
They say pain brings strength.
Where is mine? Bitterness, battles
Seeing my sin still.

I open my mouth, burdens are moved.
Why didn't I speak sooner?
Little loads feel lifted, lighter.
Still a small cloud of shame.

Sorrowful soul, seeking to be set free
I want for many things.
Savior, take and turn them, touch me
I need to be still.


Anonymous said...

So raw and beautifully written. You should get your poet on more often. Thanks, Becca.

davidruybalid said...

do you need to go see a councilor? Can I pray for you?