Saturday, February 13, 2010

A New Path

I am a reader. I am a writer. And I am a listener. The listening part is new to me, though I believe the desire was placed in me long before it was awakened. What am I listening to? To beauty, to truth, and to voices of redemption. They are all around us because this world was created by our Father. He spoke beauty and truth into existence. And though their original identity was lost not long after their inception, His kingdom forces pockets of them to shine through in unusual and often little-known places.

We are not the ones who choose where glimpses of His nature poke their way into the darkness. We are subject to the biding of His Spirit and must obey when those messages rise up in our hearts and lives.

And that is why I am writing here today. I want to let you know about the new path of With Pen in Hand.

For a season, I have let this blog sit in quietness and solitude, though not on purpose. It seems to fit where my life has been the last 10 months—in silence. During this time of solitude, I have been listening. I have been soaking in what God has for me as His daughter, who was made in His image. He has given me a song that must be sung and words that must be written.

Some people fill their online journals with anecdotes about their growing children or pictures of exciting adventures they’ve just completed. My purpose for this blog is to give you snapshots of beauty, truth, and redemption that I have discovered on my own journey. They are mostly going to be in the form of highlighting what I’ve been hearing and seeing. The messages will mirror how God is working in my soul and how He is shaping me as I listen to Him.

Art will be a major part of these messages because one of the primary ways God communicates with me is through creativity: in film, in music, in visual pieces, and in the written word (just to name a few). So I’m inviting you, reader and friend, to join me as I share them with you.

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