Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple Mess

Some days, I'm obsessed with simplicity. I can’t get enough. I clean and go into a “keep, sell, toss” frenzy. Probably ironic, since the obsession with even seemingly innocent things leads to anything but simplicity in one’s life.

I think I’m in the same place with my faith. Once upon a time, I kept it all locked up in a neatly-fashioned library of my mind. Then, grace got involved and I found myself pulling every one of those nicely organized books to the floor.

There it sits even now. In a heap of “mess” on the floor.

Occasionally, I pick up a book and file it carefully where I think it can go. God’s goodness. Unconditional love. Shame. And, of course, grace. That one goes next to suffering. They can’t help but go hand-in-hand, I’ve discovered.

The rest remain. For now. Currently holding on to hope.

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