Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Idea

I don’t know how to keep Word in my dock after I quit this program. (I know all you Mac people are going to send me the solution now.) My personal solution for opening Word the next time is to use a document on my desktop and then close that page once Word is running.

The document I usually click on is titled “Discipleship Resources.” I think I created it to have a running topical list of books and websites to give to people who ask me. It does contain a few links and titles, but for some reason the top line on the page reads like this:

“I wait a minute for both my cereal and ice cream to be just the right consistency.”

I’m assuming I started writing a blog with that line. I must have given up on my brilliant topic and started the resource list instead.

Really, I have no idea.


KerryK said...

Here's your hint–when Word is open, it'll show up in your dock. If you right click on the mouse, a menu opens and you can click to keep Word in your dock.

Wow, I feel smart because I actually knew the answer. BTW: I had Helga over here answering my question earlier. :)

And I'd like to hear where that blog start was going to go!

Becca said...

Woo-hoo! Got it! Thanks, Kerry. :)