Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We ordered pizza. I baked a pan of brownies.

We had water to drink because I forgot to buy the juice at the store, and I hand washed our dishes because I also forgot to buy dishwasher soap. The last guest ended up with a paper plate I found floating on a top shelf because I didn’t wash enough dishes.

My children made noise in the basement while we discussed leadership in the living room.

I didn’t remember to turn the coffee pot back on so we heated up coffee in individual mugs to go with dessert.

This is my life. An endless series of mismatches plates and restless children. Of reheated coffee and pizza boxes instead of gourmet.

But I’ll tell you what else happened the other night. My husband led a group of gifted men and women out of his own gifts.

We explored thoughts about having intentional relationship with others in our church.

We asked God to lead us. He didn’t give us answers right away but we knew He was there. Sitting with us on our worn-out couch.

Last night we held small group at church. Before leaving, I couldn’t find any matching socks for Kaelyn so I threw two similar ones on her feet and dropped her off at her classroom, thinking no one would see pink on one foot and purple on the other.

During small group, we laughed a bit and then shared. One woman’s tears spoke louder than her words. We were present with her in her grief.

When I picked Kaelyn up, I found out she got paint on her mismatched socks because she took her shoes off and “accidentally” walked across a painting that was drying on the floor.

Our family stumbled home. I got my girls to bed, and then went in my room to take off my boots. Turns out my socks didn’t match either, and I didn’t even notice when I put them on.

Lord, make all You can out of this mismatched life of ours.

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