Monday, May 21, 2012

The Depth: A Mystery

I walked down the aisle ten years ago in that black cap and gown.

I smiled in that in-between time. I posed with my parents and my grandparents and brother and the man who is now all mine.

Half-packed boxes sat in my apartment. I wasn’t sure if I should stay or go.

So, I took a trip to the ocean. That place that has always held so much mystery for me. Probably because I’m a Colorado girl and I only know of the mysteries that point up to the sky, not the ones that birth the sun in the morning and tuck it in under a shimmering blanket at night.

We found our hotel, my college roommate and I. We opened the window in the morning. Water, as far as we could see.

I don’t know what possessed us to walk into the ocean. But start walking we did. Eventually, we would have to stop and turn around, right? We didn’t. We discovered a sandbar instead.

And there we sat. Water all around us. Up to our necks in mystery. Laughing and talking and dreaming. Hours went by.

When, oh when, was the last time I let hours go by?

The sun drifted downward, into the other ocean that night. We slept in peace.

We stayed out of the vast waters the next day. I have no idea why. A retired couple joined us in the pool. They had stories to share. Lots of stories about their life.

Then they told us why they were in the pool. Sharks. The day before. Where? They pointed to a place near the sandbar. Are you sure?

He had dragged his lovely wife from the water, not caring about his failing knees.

We didn’t return to that place in the water again. To the spot where we sat unaware.

But I return to it from time to time. When I think of God’s presence around me. Up to my neck in mystery. Remembering the depth of His love and care. And the freedom He gives to just be.


Mutterguse said...

Well, that is one story I didn't hear on your return! God had His Hand on you two! I am so glad you went on the trip, though.. memory making trips like that are priceless.

Anonymous said...

I remember it as if it were yesterday. Amazing how we have traveled on our paths since then. Just got back from a cruise where we did snorkeling, snuba, and beginner's scuba ( which they had to assure me that sharks do not like warm water). There's nothing like getting a mask full of water, coming up to the top and realizing how far off shore you are with no one around you. I swear i've seen too many movies with that same scenario. Causes you to pray and go right back down.

Will never forget the first cruise. We're on a really big ship that is tossing and turning like a tug boat in the vast ocean. Here I realize how small I am, just a speck, on this huge ship that is nothing but a speck on this huge ocean that is on a planet that is nothing but a speck in the universe. YET, God cares about me. He doesn't have to; I could go unnoticed. YET, God cares about me. The ship rocked so much that I could only sleep in fits with dreams of Titanic haunting me. It's amazing when God changes our perspectives like that.