Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(Awkward) Pause

I'm over on the Rio Family Blog today. Talking about awkward (insert Jim Carrey as The Grinch voice here) moments in Christmas plays during my childhood. Have a fun story or memory to share from the Christmas productions you participated in as a child? Do share!

Catch you here again later this week...


Rebekah Largent said...

I think the best Christmas production I ever participated in was when my family lived on the Navy base in Iceland. We went to a church off base, and one year had a cheesy production of the Christmas story. It was the true Christmas story as told by a family of narrators (My mom and dad were...well, the mom and dad!). I was Mary, and was over the moon about having a "starring" role! LOL!

As cheesy as it was, that was the year I remember the most as truly feeling like CHRISTMAS. It was both meaningful and magical.:)

Becca said...

Great memory! I love it. Also, I can't imagine you being excited about having a "starring role." ;)