Saturday, April 7, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce...Amy

I'm pleased to continue introducing individuals who help shape my life in unique ways. Today, I'm offering you the opportunity to meet Amy, my best friend since I was three!

Amy and I grew up together in the same church. We roomed together at summer camp, spent endless hours talking on the phone as teenagers (I had my own line in my room. Trust me, it was cool 15 years ago!), and walked each other through some difficult times. I recently saw a sign online that said, "We will be friends until we're old and senile. Then we'll be new friends." I messaged Amy with those words right away because they are true for us!

Last summer, I had the privilege of standing next to Amy as she said "I do" to her husband, Joseph. She and Joseph are expecting their first child, a son, on Father's Day.

Amy is a woman of compassion. She has the ability to walk in a room and see who is hurting and who needs a kind word. Out of that gifting, she started her own missions organization called What is Love? Missions. I'm so proud of her. She has been talking about missions and sharing God's love with others since we were kids.

Amy is also a talented writer, especially in poetry. Her gifts to her wedding party were poems. I have mine on the wall above my work area. I'm pleased to offer you one of her new pieces. Her heart and her creativity are evident in this piece. May her words bless you today, just has her friendship has blessed me for nearly three decades.

Scared Sadness
by Amy Christina Torrans

I feel scared today. I feel my fear turning into sadness.  Because I feel that there is nothing I can do about situations in my life.

Fear comes like a magician pulling the carpet out from under me.

The room falling out of control is all that I can see.

Failure comes like a janitor pulling the carpet over my head.

The room of uncertainty is my bed.

I am too heavy with sorrow to get up myself.

So I reach for the Book that is close on the shelf.

I am hoping it tells me of Someone who cared.

So I read of others who were sad, who were scared.

Peace comes like a friend who just wants to sit for a while.

The room starts to look like it may someday see me smile.

I still feel scared and sad. But I know that I have a SAVIOR WHO can help me. And that HE is not only in control of life's situations.  HE is LIFE itself.

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